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University experiments

The TECNI  SYSTEME  INSTITUTE,  has  developed and  patented a new  system of central  base against  the earthquake of strong intensity for spherical tanks of large capacity.

This system of the central support is called B.3.S. SAL (Schock Absorbig Layer).

The system B.3.S.  was  designed  and  constructed to a high flexibility  to  the spherical  tank movements, oscillatory, and  tectonic  wave created  by the impact of a  strong  earthquake of magnitude 9 Richter scale without causing damage to the pherical tank.

  His qualities  are:

1 - Subsidence of the uneven ground.  Several studies have been performed on different  types of sediment, so also have been made static calculations by:

2-Stress ciclico.  The  Ruhr  University  Bockum  Germany- the University  E.T.H. of  Zurich Swit- zerland University  Braunschweig in Germany - in EL CENTRO CALIFORNIA studied the molecular structure of the steel shell of the spherical tank made a long stress.

3 - Working in cold temperatures.  Experiment  conducted  by  EL CENTRO  CALIFORNIA - in California  and   Ruhr  University  Bockum  in  Germany  with  the  University  Braunschweig (Biomechanische Struktur - Modellierung) - and E.T.H. UNIVERSITY Zurich, Switzerland.

4-Impact with fire. It was made from the real experiment l 'UNIVERSITY E.T.H. Zurich, Switzer= land  and  the  University  of  Braunschweig  in  Germany  on  the duration of  tolerance  to  fire  without consequences for spherical tank.

5-Influence of earthquakes.  Calculations  of  static  endurance  of  the spherical  tank  to  the various  seismic  influences , has been  calculated  by  TOKYO  UNIVERSITY – EL CENTRO of  CALIFORNIA--l'University  of  Braunschweig in Germany  in the Ruhr, the University  of Bockum with structural  analysis  and  simulation  of basic  together with  the University  E.T.H. Zurich / Switzerland.

6-The wave shock caused by an explosion. The calculation of the bearing and the spherical tank to the displacement of the shock wave caused by a loud  explosion was  carried  out by the Swiss military center (Explosives Division).

7-Problem sloshing,high flexibility to the movement by the ball and its stability to the phenomenon sloshing was calculated from the CENTER EXPERIMENTAL NASA  EUROSPACE.

8 - Functions of the monolithic support of the spherical tank. The high flexibility of movement of the support makes it very safe from the spherical tank against overturning, static calculations made by University Braunschweig in Germany and E.T.H. University Zurich, Switzerland.

9-Length of life of the ball. Since freedom of movement because of its flexibility makes its life= time longer, University  Braunschweig  in Germany, Ruhr University  Bockum ( Simulationsba= sierte- Lebensdaueranalysen ) and E.T.H. University Zurich in Switzerland.

10-Highly elastic and strength that transmits the layer of support of the spherical cap.  the spherical tank that makes it flexible to movement caused by the elements of nature, University  Braunschweig in Germany and University  E.T.H. Zurich.

11-remains unaffected by ground subsidence.   It  can  withstand up  to  an  inclination of 6  degrees  on the vertical  axis  without  affecting  the spherical  tank, tested at  the University  Braunschweig, Germany at the University  and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

12-Hermetically isolated spherical bearing.  Not sensitive to atmospheric alterations in time.

13-No problem of structural strength to the tank.  The  structure  of  the  spherical  shell  can withstand the expansion caused by  continually  filling  and  emptying all  the time so well from heat and  natural  elements  without suffering  alterations  to  the  structure, University  Braunschweig  in Germany, University  E.T.H. Zurich / Switzerland, Ruhr Universität Bockum.

For the change of a sphere with columns (G.Horton system) in the system B.3.S. SAL (Schock Layer Absorbig Company TECNI SYSTEME INSTITUTE (TSI), with central support, static calculations have been performed for the duration of life of the sphere, for the load of the earthquake and simulation of the base from the University of Braunschweig in Germany and University E.T.H. Zurich / Switzerland.



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