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The Tecni Systeme Institute has developed and patented a system of central base for spherical tanks of large capacity.

This type of central base for spherical tanks is called B.3.S. SAL (Schok Absorbing Layer) as well as having many qualities in safety first of all is highly seismic is designed to be used as a supporting base of tanks (HORTON) columns.

The system of this type of central base already highly experienced and used for spherical tanks of petrochemical plants with extraordinary results can completely suppress the columns supporting the spherical tank type (HORTON )making it safe from natural disasters.

This new system of base B.3.S. of Tecni Systeme Institute you can apply to all existing spherical tanks in the world with a relatively low cost, making them 100% safe from any natural disasters such as yourself for example the earthquake Richter scale magnitude 9.

It can tolerate without problems:

1- Subsidence of the uneven ground.

2- Cyclic stress.

3- Working in cold temperatures.

4- The impact of the fire.

5- The influence of earthquakes.

6- Shock wave caused by an explosion.

7- Problem sloshing, high flexibility to the movement.

8- Functions of the monolithic support of the spherical tank.

9- Length of life of the ball.

10- Highly elastic and strength that trasmits the layer spherical bearing of the base.

11- Unaffected by ground subsidence.

12- Hermetically isolated spherical bearing.

13- No problems with the structural strength to the spherical tank.

This patent is a true masterpiece of engineering unique there is no other equal to this patent and can be used safely for storage of all types of gases and liquids and temperature up to -270.

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