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Spherical-Storage Tanks for Industrial Gases

The flexible bedding on a concrete base for the monolithic SISTEM B.3.S.of TECNI SYSTEME INSTITUTE and S.A.L. (LAYER (Schock Absorbing Layer )are presented.These surface storage in the field of liquid gas storage offers multi securety and this is especially  from extreme case  decisive operation.


Tecni Systeme Institute (TSl - SIESMIC SPHERICAL TANKS) B.3.S. S.A.L.(Schock Absorbing layer)


The Tecni Systeme Institute has developed and patented a system of central base against the earthquake of strong intensity for spherical tanks of large capacity.

This system of the central support is called B.3.S. SAL (Schock Absorbing Layer).

The system B.3.S. was designed and constructed to a high flexibility to the oscillatory movements, and wave created by the impact of a strong tectonic earthquake measuring 9 Richter scale without causing damage to the spherical tank and maintaining its integrity.

This type of invention has eliminated the surface of the spherical tank all the welds of angulation, thus avoiding the total risk of micro cracks, synonymous danger of breakage in the support columns in the welded area equator of the spherical tank.

The spherical tank and more economical and reliable, can store large volumes of liquids and gases in a wide range of conditions of pressure and temperature. Their spherical shape offers a uniform resistance to stress, allowing the tanks to contain economically internal pressures. They ask little surface and can still provide more capacity, thereby reducing costs associated piping, foundations, and painting  accessories.

The spherical tanks B.3.S. SAL (Schock Absorbing Layer) can be used by many industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and aerospace industries.

Approach superior business. We provide fixed price projects, turnkey, providing a single point responsibility for all phases of the project. This approach reduces the effort and expense that the customer has to invest the supervision of the project.

As a true masterpiece of engineering, procurement / production and construction (EPC) contractor, we have experienced engineers, technicians, supervisors and craftsmen for the execution the project from start to finish. Our basic technical design, analysis, testing, metallurgy, welding, material manufacturing, project management and construction enables us to deliver superior results.

Flexibility in storage. Aseismic erect spherical tanks to provide the most economic solution, quality materials and overload testing for safety and reliability than ever before.

Room temperature storage of liquid, spherical tank designed for the storage fluid can contain a variety of products such as Anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, propane,propilene,hydrogen sulfide, n-butane.

Storage at low temperature of spherical tanks for liquids offer an economical, refrigeration partial solution for the storage of products such as LPG. These Sphere have single and insulated exterior walls.

Temperature of cryogenic liquid storage-Sphere  designed for the cryogenic storage can be used to store products such as Carbon Dioxide, Ethane, Ethylene, krypton, methane, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, LNG, Neon, Hydrogen, Helium.

In the system patented by Tecni Systeme Institute T.S.I. - B.3.S. SAL (ShockAbsorbing Layer) to request the sensors can be installed for continuous monitoring for recording the seismic movement of the monolithic base and spherical tank during its cycles.



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